Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project back on track

Hi!  I've been busy with a lot of stuff lately, but this project is not dead!  I have started going through some old OpenGL code, and am creating a simple graphics layer for projectZ.  I have a lot of 3d code, but I think that for now, the best approach is to get simple 2D rendering off the ground.  I need to get something on-the-screen otherwise the project will never get off the ground.  I can't spend all my time designing and tweaking Vectors or Hashtables, etc, because then I would loose sight of the large picture of the project.

So, where am I at now?  I've worked-over the Targa image loader and opengl texture loading code, so now a projectZ-based app can now load an image from disk and display it on the screen!  The short-term goal is to compose a useful 2D rendering API, allowing rotation, scale and shear transformations to be applied to image tiles rendered to the screen.  All hardware-accelerated.