Tuesday, May 31, 2011

welcome to my asteroid field

 So, as a short term goal for this project, I've decided to work on a 3D asteroids clone:

This is in 3D!  So what does this do at the moment:

  • 6-DOF 'spaceship ' camera control
  • Each asteroid geometry is randomly generated  [(although I reuse the same texture :(  ]
  • Each asteroid moves with a constant intertia, and rotates, independently of each other
  • Background starfield is randomly generated.  Stars are infinitely far away.
  • Asteroids are drawn without lighting at the moment.  (There's no 'sun' present yet)
  • Can't shoot
  • Asteroids don't do anything when they hit each other (yet)

How am I generating an asteroid?  I'm starting with a cube, and randomly moving vertices around.