Saturday, February 12, 2011

we have OBJ file loading and some crappy light

I have a very lighting working.  (Nothing special).

I can now load OBJ file meshes.  This is something created using MakeHuman, exported to OBJ and loaded/rendered inside ProjectZ.

Short term projectZ goals:

-Add better lighting support (multiple lights)

-Fix portal rendering. (It is very hacky at the moment.)

Not-so-short projectZ goals:

-Implement basic skeletal animation (yikes!, probably)

Misc 2d:

-Write a small demo game showing the 2D sprite portion of the library working.

Non-graphics related:

- Any game, 2d or otherwise, will need a sound layer.  I have some old win32 wavout code left over from an old project.  It is current sitting in projectZ's misc-other-code-to-review-and-rewrite folder.  (Ok, its not called that; that folder is called projectZmaybe.)